ADF Energy Invest In A New Website

ADF Energy have just launched their renewable energy business.  The company was formed with the expertise of three local businessman who have carried their knowledge and experince through to ADF Energy.  We worked with them to create:-

A Marketing Plan.  We researched the market place, looked at the company's business objectives to see where they were headed. Together with looking at their target audience and their own values and personality we came up with a marketing plan to take them through the first 6 months of business.  Invest In Your Future was the company strapline that we were to use across the marketing materials. Renewables being a long term investment for a brighter future and with the talent of ADF Energy the investment in your future would be so much easier!

Website. The bespoke design and build of their website, ensures it suits their needs, is easily uploadable with text and images should they need to add case studies in the future.

Advertising. Invest In Your Future was carried through to their advertising campaign, we also organised some PR editorial to back it up.

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